Monday, February 25, 2013

Pan India

How many more instances must we suffer before the very image of a nation becomes a blur in the fog of the capital city or perhaps the mud and puddle of these unforeseen winter rains. Too many vindictiveness and crimes have been committed where even the heaven above us weeps at what we have made of our land and nation. Here lies my thought and tribute to my mother and my deepest of love.

Allow me a moment to introduce my very existence before I take your attention to my speech. I'm just as lost as any on this land, born unto and till death imprinted to the soil. I have eaten and played on the very grain of sand of which I speak. I have seen all the four corners, interacted with various communities from their habits to their linguistics, and more so studied the various religions to the point where I had once locked myself in a monastery to find a certain sense of peace and patriotism only their walls can provide.

Each and every community has developed their own heritage, culture, language and habits and now stands independent with its own sense of loyalty. Considering the National Anthem of Punjab, Sindh, Gujrat, Maratha, Dravid and so and forth erstwhile conquests of the British Rule and Wars of Divide and Rule; we still stand divided even today. I believe that charity begins at home and we should respect the fact that though each of us have our own mother tongue and heritage, we should forget why the country is one after all. A socialist, sovereign, secular, democratic republic. If you need to consider these words or even google it, I suggest you adhere to the civic textbooks of the nearest child to you. Because I ask speak of further evils that plague and pillage this rich terrain. For instance, the division of family values for the avarice of wealth and property, father against son, brother against brother, son and wife against the elderly. Or even worse, discrimination on the basis of caste, religion or worse sex.

Where be our martyrs and patriots who time and time again have sacrificed themselves for us? Though we struggle with our independence after years of governance by foreign powers, we have shackled our very being to the likes of uneducated political groups whose leaders outrightly treat us and worse publicly call us cattle or servants. Whats worse? He is still in power even after the evidence of the very fact being played and replayed on national television!

Were we better off with the Greek-Mecedonian armies of MegaAlexandros, or the Ghaznis, Tughlaqs, Iranians, Turks, Mongols, or the Guptas, Kanishkas, the Mughals, the Marathas, the Rajputs or perhaps we can keep that monarchy to the past and strive for equality and ask for justice? Every citizen can strive for it considering the thematic impact of equality and demand that our governing powers be prosecuted for its misdemeanors. Every state and community must play its part. Please understand that I'm not playing on communism or any "isms" for that matter, political means, or other such favor. Our nation is too massive, diverse and heterogeneous for any of them to have a part to play. 

On another note, allow me a lame old joke. 

I believe in equal opportunities as well as enjoying privileges that come free...
Does that make me communist?
But I also believe in myself and defending my right and pride as a man with the strength of my back...
Does that make me anarchist?
But I would like to change some laws for the betterment of society and the greater good...
Does that make me fascist?
Even more so, I prefer the concept of money which everyone agrees on free of bias for luxury...
Does that make me capitalist?
Nevertheless, we all agree to disagree and a point is a youthful virtue...
Democracy has failed.

Every individual has a part to play. And if there be equality, which I believe in most, it would be much easier. Even education reaches every nook and corner, no child or family goes hungry, the nation strives for the betterment of the society by the means of reward deserving of a modern state stemming down the flow of the "brain-drain", manage and utilize our natural resources with the consideration that it belongs to the people and not to an individual or a group, perhaps I wouldn't be writing here questioning and demanding reason. 

Please put a stop to the ads and campaigns of the leaders and powers every which where with the voice that never delivers but only adds to the pollution burning my eyes. Please exclude momentary lapses of reason and words that pits man on man, community against community, religion against religion and perhaps engage in the fact that we can all be happier if we treat others and respect as we ask for ourselves. Forget engaging in the building of more religious moments and perhaps adhere to the words of the text and clean up the filth in the streets and rivers and see that no one goes hungry or suffers and lives in misery. No child should wait on another. No one should be uprooted for any reason creating a loss of identity. And perhaps, considering that honor and pride lies in saving another's life instead of resorting to killing. 

And now I will wait on the two most beautiful words in the english language, an "Indian Summer". Take that quote widget!!!


They came to the world to create harmony
And so evolved what we come to call
The society
Amidst the blooming days, the sunny skies
The innocent, the wild and dreams of paradise


So many questions are asked to what we call our life. A path to walk as the clock ticked within the hours. Another that came to light in the crust of our shadows. And a fork to every day that comes to pass tomorrow.

There was the silhouette of the boy that stood glancing to the moon with the dance of a smirk on his lips. An expression of those battles that clashed in him, waging a war against his intellect inflicted on the heart. It was a peaceful night. The clouds were like mirrors in the sky reflecting the tales of heaven beckoning the children of the sleeping angels. There were the feathers that turned to the serenity glowing like ambers to the rising passion in the musing of dreams. And then there were some that laid forgotten amidst the din of the frolicking faces and the small laughs.

To the evenings that were lost to the charcoal that struck against the paper, the fingers that brushed in a tender gesture to give light to the thoughts that passed by, was to be devoted to the pursuit of giving an answer to the world. This was where he was asked to belong.

The lights lit the apartment full of people waiting to drown themselves in jostling words of each other to celebrate. The hosts were a loving couple whose new found happiness in each other called the reason of the joyous celebration.

But just as they say for the very thought of innocence, nothing lasts forever.


The Unknown

It is never the soldier who chooses his grave,
Somehow as time beckons, the grave itself comes to the soldier

The Boy who Married Darkness


Is it a color? No. Yet it is the color of darkness. Also, it is not a color but a shade. So it is nothing but the very characteristic of darkness. I know her well. She is a part of me.

Most would say I'm being very ambiguous of it. If only they would see me now. There are many people that live on the borders of the natural. Yet with the hands of fate binding us in this realm here where we go about our daily lives fond of familiarity oblivious of time, how could we recognize the known from the unknown.

With narrow minds we only distinguish white from black, shades from hues, light from dark, and perhaps attach good or bad or ugly to the lost souls on this very planet.

Oh how well it all connects together here that lie rambling about the gift of nothingness and oblivion. Perhaps my very life and my everyday fear.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

This Week

I'd be performing with my group in another street play on the 1st of March at Select City Walk Saket, Delhi. If you're up for it, please follow up.


Street Performance

So I've taken to theatre again, and this time I'm returning to the basics. We did a small performance for children on Friday and it came across pretty well. Mostly because we achieved without much of a stage or prop, and it was an anti ragging/ bullying campaign.

Ironically I took the role of a bully who reforms.

Storyline was simple. In a classroom of students of different communities, there is still a division bell. The group that is docile and performs well in studies against the students that are rowdy and always up to mischief. The teacher is lenient and it always ends badly. The moment his back is turned, somebody gets thwacked.

The bully goes back home and his misbehavior continues until one day he comes across his mother who is treated as badly by her peers at work as he does to his fellow mates.

It went well. The children identified with all the performers and more so, they laughed at every instance and every joke that was thrown. A small success. Woot!