Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Delhi Delhi Delhi,

I've returned to Base Zero. I was cribbing all this time that for a bengal tiger I couldn't see the face of Ma Durga this entire puja for years now since I attached myself to films. Its rare and misgiving day for the tiger lore, believe me on that. Its worse than missing christmas or losing out on a kiss on new years. But I got lucky. The day I arrived was the last day of the week long festival and I caught a glimpse before she immersed herself to the water.

Apart from that life has it own tolls, certain moments have set this estranged souls on wayward thoughts. There are floods, hurricanes, illness and death around. But for a moment in time, such darkness fades away in the festival of lights in India.

Most people today are guided by the Goddess Laxmi and bringing home all that is new and shiny. As for me, I'm going to go on another rant. You have been warned. Thats all I seem to be doing.

For starters, the PS is turning on me. I don't jailbreak, I lead the straight and narrow and buy my games even at the cost of starving till the blue ray drives tosses me every quarter and I end up half the year on downloads and lags. Fix.

Second, I'm horrified at the new gen of gaming. They're going to rip you to shreds. For every game, every enthralment. From a dime to a dollar each time. Get an incomplete game, buy the DLC for the story if thats your motive. Love online gaming. Get PS plus. Hell, now network features are a compulsory pay. Not to mention, the cool stuff and the in game content. Every features, every perk, every attribute and every character to costume. A buck here or a buck there. Ehm, more.


I got a new phone. The wifi doesn't work. So, I try 3g and then they fuck my happiness.


They promise plans. They borrow from other networks and dump the pay and taxes on you. NOBODY ON IDEA every sleeps happy. I PROMISE YOU. Port your number whenever you get the chance. Teach them what patronage means. I implore you.

If ever in your life, you put your heart to things you love and enjoy you sir are a patron. It works for artists and man alike. And patronage is rewarded by perks. Not people trying to strip you from leather to pocket. Please, help yourself before its too late.

For now, I'm back to counting notes I'm skinning away from my fingers.

Thank you


The above article is only my thoughts and misgiving and I ask of every reader to take it seriously.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Please FREE the Internet. Polish it. Instead of encouraging threads, or digging up old ones, worse trolling; please REPORT spam, HATE messages and ABUSE and strive towards removing them from the youtube link altogether without BIASE or BIGOTRY. This is a request, please help.  A like is sufficient, copy and pasting this message to the next link you watch is better. Thank you.


Next link on youtube you watch, report any offensive comment or reply to the guy with the offensive post with the comment above. Thank you people. Together we stand mighty as the meek never inherit the earth. At least leave the internet for me. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My heart goes to Ukraine...

I've been following the crisis and the situation between Russia and Ukraine. Don't give up... the world is watching.


Women of Ukraine. Please don't go baring your breasts protesting, banging the India flag on the embassy claiming "we're are not prostitutes!". Its quite counter productive. Not helping your cause at all, trust me. But my heart goes out to you,  and I had a nice laugh.

I'm quite the comic,  and this is already in joke form. It can't get better than this.

Don't come to Picadilly I

Located in Goregaon East, Mumbai; Royal Palms is like an oasis in the concrete desert that is Mumbai. Amongst the many hundreds and thousands of bodies, where can you find peace and solace but the amongst the lush greenery and hillocks of Aarey Colony.

But unfortunately my paradise has been sullied.

Picadilly 1, an erstwhile building that belonged to my alma mater until the tragic suicide of a budding film maker tripping on acid. Since then it has come into the hands of the estate mafia's each controlling the ever rising prices and rent turning the oasis into an ocean of fleeting bills. Even then, I had no complains since I gained possession of my flat. My three years in my room has been a long awaited bliss. Until now.

It gets worse. All because of a certain body of bitches all lead by a single frog sitting on pad, one eye east, the other west and believe me she has dared to tarnish my happiness.

Right after I paid off my maintenance bill, I was out of town visiting my folks up north. A new lift construction started right next to my apartment. Entire days of drilling, THUMP THUMP THUMPS right when I put my nose to the grindstone in my failing attempt to write.

No, it still gets worse. A nice electricity awaited me after a month of this very construction. Now, allow me to point that my bill has never gone beyond $50 (3000 INR) at the max. Even when I banged my 1.5 ton split air conditioner 24 by 7, played music with two running laptops and a ps3, a refrigerator. I know, its a good sum. However, ever since the construction started my bill went to a whopping $170 (10200 INR). Not to mention there is a suspicious wiring between the electricity panel and the panel next to the construction.

When I attempted to make sense of this, the management turned me around and asked me to take it to the electric company which is Reliance. They also asked me to come back later with my woes. What good is this management when it does not take care of the people living in the building. They're obviously just here to fuck the residents out of their money.

The next day, the security guards barged on my door asking me to turn down the volume to my music. This has never happened because there are barely any families in the building. Most of the people here are bachelors or single working stiffs. A few couples here and there. I doubt anybody has complained... knowing the raucous film makers residing here, the wannabe actors all of whom work hard and party harder. I know how much music and laughter I have lived through in the nights which were never lonely for those very reasons.

But who would pay that exorbitant electricity bill, suggestive of 832 units which is impossible for a single condo flat and all the appliances put together to be spent. I'm going to pick a bone with both the company and the management tomorrow. They're going to screw me over, for sure.

THIS MEANS WAR! I put the warning here, simply. I hope the cross eyed blood suckers know whats coming...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lore of the last Tiger

The day they came, I stood a cub with bated breath
Knowing them as the moon people dawning with age
They came by night, with fire eyeing the skies and,
Soon after they scorched the land they caved on
They burned the forest and the trees that whispered,
They hounded up the wolves and chained them as dogs,
and they killed our herds of deer we lived upon.

And as the time came, it went;
Soon everything had changed.

The wind many winters surrendered to their smoke,
Known men roamed the land or scrounged in the earth
They toiled their days into nights brows furrowed and
Soon they spread out claiming more and more of ours
They hunted our brethren when we starved and feared
They put up walls and blamed us for all that went wild,
and the cub that watched now ran the last tiger.

And as the time came, it went;
Soon everything had changed.

Monday, March 10, 2014

For love and piety

in one so young to lose faith,
where the children though bold
complain whenever it be difficult
as men lay with their woe and worries
burden forever to their shoulders.
Are to you sift through the silk of life
languid in such darkness for pray
reasons far for any of such innocence
to hold and be dashed to oblivion
far from the light of the lord shining true
upon this little rock with its nature.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Quotable Quotes

So far you've caught hold of logic but you have let go of reason...