Sunday, July 25, 2010

So much for Rogue? Correction!!!

It wasn't courage. Turns out it was the following:

1. 3 beers
2. 2 Tequila Shots
3. Single Vodka
4. A shot of Rum

All that it takes for your ex to want you back and profess undying love without any memory of it and deny everything the next day.

And yet there so much to life to look forward to...

On the other hand there is a girl who is supposedly claims to love you and you love her and yet life cannot be prioritized or addressed in accordance to the words we feed each other day in and day out and at times like this you feel like a bigger man to give it back to her and watch her cry.

I didn't mean to, but the moment you see her face go red and the single tear fall down her cheek... how might one react?


I wish there were a better way to sort out things and not fall into emotional dilemmas but isn't that why books are "men are from mars and women are venus" made to exploit?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

So much for Rogue?

To my absent readers and to all those beloved people from my life who have cared less to venture here... I wish to say...

The Rogue returns again...

Yes, its been a few months and I too see my enthusiasm fading when I note the number of posts for this year. What can I say? I've been busy catching up with my life which seems to have taken the strange austerity as the roll of a dice.

So I haven't been writing much and I barely read now as well. Not even MANGA!!! BELIEVE YOU, ME! (School Lingo I picked up) Is this the sign of chronic adulthood? I think not... I haven't touched a newspaper yet and nor have I bitched about nothing that I read there to somebody who might lend half a ear during breakfast and smoke breaks...

Now that the term is almost closing in and my grades have shown to be the in-numerous D's with the meager B's, lets get back to the roots. Before that, Woot! Technically I passed and my overall grade is an average. Hey, at least I'm average somewhere. I mean before this I was just keeping my nose above the water. Oh, let us not digress further.

Hows life?

Good? You don't say...

Well, I've haven't had much to do except for being morose, boggled around, drunk stupid, running around organizing assignments and failing to submit them out or sheer lethargy (that explains the D's now, hahaha!), getting stomped on verbally because everybody nowadays is an intellectual and I ain't no genius (wait a minute, correction = AREN'T A GENIUS!!!), physically assaulted and thrown out of the class for dozing in a lecture (don't look at me, I think the guy is a retard for doing that!) and to getting into a bar brawl in the supposed peaceful place in the country during world cup night. Go me!

But that is not what is disturbing me now, is it?

The only thing that has been keeping me at bay is a girl far far away who says three magic words and the world becomes rosy again. Add "so much" to those three words and the world is my oyster. And I don't mean the freedom to pee anywhere I want either! I've been sober for longer durations that now last more than a fortnight, found some faith in temples (it was unconventional and peaceful) and guess what, the brawl I spoke of before, I walked out of it! Yeah, I did!!! I can't believe it either...

So in this slanderous life, what can disturb me out of my mind?

Its when the old flame's call or visit!

Normally when something like that happens it either to boast about their pro-efficiency in their careers and how they are further along their paths than YOU and YOU means YOU LOSER for YOU SUCK NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY!!! Or its about this great new bugger they have just met and made out with and how YOU ARE NOT ONLY A LOSER WITHOUT AMBITION BUT YOU LET A GOOD ONE SLIDE BY...

Or its to remind you of what a horrible person you were and how you took great care and pride in ruining their life's...

No, that is not what is disturbing me either...

It when they call and they're nice to you and they still want you and they miss YOU!

WHAT THE F***!!!

Yet I'll give respect and credit where its due. Must have taken a lot of courage to admit to that and I shall tip my bonnet in a gesture of a class act.

For the love of all things holy how did that happen? Call up your mates and they'd rile you for being a sucker enough to pick the call in the first place. They ain't the one's awake at 4 in the frickin' morn thinking about it in the first place, now are they?

And then the girl you love is far because 2 and half hours of difference in time makes all the difference in fate.

So this is the point with the thin fine line that you gotta toe...

Mates, I'm royally screwed in the head.


1. Knees weak
2. Gut knotted
3. Heart clamped
4. Throat constricted
5. Mind racing

Relationships are made complicated and so streamlined in its pursuit of obsession that is has got half the world wanting it desperately and the other half being stomped on.

Look around...

Majority of the information found online is based upon this subject matter in various shades and forms.

As if there is nothing more to life...

Time chases by...

Sit down and put everything that comes in your head, then you're a writer. But an author is one who can judge his own worth without pity and destroy most of it!