Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heavens Denied

I, the artist, am going to search for the very essence of beauty in this world. For I know, only the eye that cares to see it would claim it once it comes in sight. I will know and understand innocence and joy of living even though I will search for a long time. There will be pain, there will be sorrow as well; but I am knowing enough to realize that there will be happiness at the end of the road and it will wash away everything and leave them all behind as a simple memory that would search for a smile for those yesterdays. And eventually she would come and I'll taste the very grace of love and how it defines my life. I am the horizon.

He, the poet and the dreamer, is going to question forever and be lost within the search of answers. The very woes of complication would befal him as he knows of no start and would reach no end. Though with time and the amourous grace of a wordsmith, he'd unleash numerous works and poetry for everyone to read and those that give even a glance would have the answers he seeks. And eventually, when he is touched by kindness and passion, he would turn to his heel and run as far as fuel and his feet would take him. He is the mirror.

Who am I?