Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lost in India

Times have been rather strange. There have been many disappointments throughout the year considering the tragedies that have plagued the land in recent times. I'm really disillusioned. To be honest, I hate feeling helpless. These days that feeling is being shared by everyone.

Prior to Christmas, my city has been up in flames. A girl and her male friend were returning from a cinema till they were hoodwinked into climbing about a bus ( a school bus with tinted glasses) and brutally gang-raped. The details are excruciating. Please forward yourself to the news coverage. The end result turns for the worst. However, here are my thoughts.

The Police are neglecting their duties, and then again everyone else are relentless in saving face. Post the trauma the couple faced, they were thrown back injured and bare on the streets. The crowd just huddled, and none tried to lend a blanket or call for help let alone offer solace. The perpetrators nearly got away. I'm still curious to how a bus with tinted glasses get by the army of police that has been guarding the streets during these festive months. Is a quick buck worth a life?

The girl had been fighting for her very life ever since. She succumbed to her injuries last night. Since then the nation has betrayed her true face.The masses have gathered and protested. Violence ensued. Politicians have played their dice.

Nothing changes.

Nothing ever changes.

Always the worse case scenario.

Monday, December 17, 2012

For Shame!

I just discovered my girl has never SEEN or HEARD of The Sound of Music. Oh the very sin of it. She has never heard of the von Trapp family or their great escape. But wait, that's not all. She hasn't seen My Fair Lady either. Now I have questions on what sort of childhood did she have. She says a happy one.

This is what happens when you listen to Iron Maiden since 12 years of age. You miss out on Epics!!!
This is painful. Very painful. I cannot express it. I'm a worried man. So I'm gonna remedy it now. Question is how? A laptop would never do justice to such films. I wish I could manage a hall and ever green reel.

To my dear readers, turn to your lover now and question the same. I want to see if this is a common err.

Oh guess what?

She hadn't seen Lethal Weapon.

She hadn't seen Die Hard.

But at least I have the chance to memorize it all over again. ^.^ As of now I'm watching Queen of the Damned and they are killing me voicing those Indian words.