Saturday, July 20, 2013

One Night

Slowly, strangely, I feel as if I am disappearing.
Perhaps the ambiguity of never even existing
Where did I begin? Wherever do I end,
Maybe there is nothing much at first,
To consider or even think,
For that matter itself,
Slowly, strangely, I feel as if I am disappearing.
Perhaps the chance of having a single dream,
What of it ? Who might understand?
Maybe its better not to look forward,
For that very thought,
Slowly, strangely, I feel as if I am disappearing.
Perhaps you have known me for a short while,
Who are you? Who am I?
Maybe its not meant to be,
To even care,
Slowly, strangely, I feel as if I am disappearing.

Wishing Upon A Fallen Star

To those stars that burn bright
and few that fall,
I wish upon you for the little I ask,
To those dreams I dreamt many
Like you have stumbled and fall'd;
And as twilight turns to darkest dark
I gaze on your last fiery crescendo,
In hope to have not only my eynes
But many;
May they see you to grace
and fulfill a simple wish that I dared,
My prayer to you lies simple and true -
Have all of them solemn wishes
Turn fate to destiny for those eyes
As they close in reverence to you.

Quote of the Day

You will hear people say that poverty is the best spur to the artist. They have never felt the iron of it in their flesh. They do not know how mean it makes you. It exposes you to endless humiliation, it cuts your wings, it eats into your soul like a cancer.

W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Early Morning Rants 1

Fuck you, Youtube. No, seriously. FUCK YOU!
I will not give you 31 seconds of my life for every video I watch.
I will not give you even 5 seconds of my life before I skip to the music I wanna hear
I would like to be given a choice whether or not I would or would like to skip
For that very matter!!!
YOU tube it up your ass before you decide squat for me!

With Regrets,

P.S - I swear if I get peeved again I will exile you from my eyes for the rest of my life!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


If you can understand it
its a song,
If not,
Its a poem.

Stringing words together is harder than living....

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Writing - Ask Questions?

Over the years in those many pages that I've been writing, I've stumbled and fumbled for a word or a sentence here and there. Sometimes the matters were a little more complicated and I found myself wanting in between a story. Its a horrible feeling. I trust you know.

However, I also noticed a there is always a method - which I ignore before I resort to madness and burn the entire thing. As a reference note for the future, here are a few questions that might help pave the way.

What is the story about? - The first and foremost question. Followed by - Whose story is this.

Every story has a beginning and a end. But that is never the problem. Its the middle that quirks the mind. No matter how much plot planning or set ups are followed, there is always a booby trap I fall into. Lets take the matters into hands and observe the questions of life which can be applied.

One of my favorite elements like most writers is the fascination of death. Murder, mayhem, disease, tragedy, accident - ah, so many ways to kill a character.

What kills John Doe?
Is it dangerous? Is there a risk of contagion? Is there a cure? Is so, how to acquire?

There is a story there itself as you figure the answers. Worked for me.

Who killed John Doe?
Who is the murderer? Who was John Doe? Why is he necessary? Is he expendable? What is the relationship between John Doe and Mr. X? What is Mr. X's motive? What could be said about his modus operandi? What are the clues left behind? Who would read it and chase after Mr.X?

I'm sure by now its the goal of Mr. Hero to save the day by asking how and why Mr. X commit such a offense to mankind and society. The best way is to activate thought provoking objectives and dialogue, inner and outer the self of any of the above mentioned characters. Complexities are always welcome.

The Hero's Journey -

Allow another hazard - what drives Mr. Hero? Could he be protecting someone he loves? Or is he fuels from some past tragedy or inner demon? Where does Mr.Hero come in? What is his goal? What lies in the way of the said goal? What are his qualities that make him different from the rest? What are his flaws and how does it find him wanting? Every hero needs a quest. No matter what the age. 

But that is the matter of fiction!
What if I wish to come closer to life? What are the wants of an individual to come to self actualization? What drives personal satisfaction? - Notice that asking these very questions drives you automatically in first person which makes the story personal not only to the writer but the reader as well who is forced into self introspection. Just don't make the mistakes I do, and keep a strong romantic drive. Nothing fuels a good book or a film like a girl or a gun. I unfortunately choose the gun.

Again, the most important question;

Whose story is it? Who is the protagonist? Is there an antagonist? If so, who? Deuteragonist? Tritagonist?

Romantic Interest - Who is she? What does she want? Whats her problem?

Generally the questions I ask when I come across a lass - I think I now understand why I remain unlucky in that aspect.

What makes her strong? What keeps her strong? What is her goal? What is standing her way? Focus on inner monologues - women are intuitive in that way.

Who chases who? Why? For what? What are the odds?

The traditional Love Story -
 the course of true love is always set on the path of difficulties and tragedies. Take a look at Shakespeare. He's a genius in that way. Juliet feigns death - Romeo must die. Viola must test her mans worth?

Who is he? Who is she? Do birds of a feather flock together? or, Do opposites attract? So what makes them a match made in heaven? Or hell? Are they star crossed lovers? What pulls them together? What takes them apart? What are the difficulties set their way? How do they overcome it? Do they make ends meet?

Now that we are through with the characters, lets look at the plot.

Where and when does the story take place? Whose story is it? Who are the friends? Is there family involved?

The Human Condition: What is childhood like? What does it mean growing up? What gives anger, pain, frustration, grief, sorrow, jealousy, hostility, enmity -

Basic Human emotions - Joy, Sorrow, Fear, Anger - even the most complex of emotions fall in these categories. Go figure. The best part is that life is stranger than fiction. People are impulsive, they are like dice that throw themselves in the direction of their choosing.