Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eternal Vows

What is love to you?
She said
A lot more than you know,
Said I
What might it mean to you?
She asked
I wish I could show you
Claimed I
Is love not everything
Granted to me
Touch of Venus
A sweet dream
To hold you in my arms
Languid bliss in serenity
As long as I like
With my breath
Entwined in your hair
A rose of desire, promising
Parched for long
The dew of morn
Is not a kiss in a vow?
Do you love me?
She said
Do you really want to know?
Said I
Tell me with all your heart…
She asked
I wish I could show you
Claimed I
Heavens may come to fall
You are forever
Within my heart
Everything I am
The life to which I belong
Is simply yours to keep
As you are mine
Where we swore by choice
Us in eternity for all of time
My fate and destiny
Is in your shadow
You belong to me
Your love makes me whole
Is this not pride?
She asked
Do you really think so?
Said I
Tell me then what is it?
She held
It’s better felt than known…
Said I
All you need is love, and within that moment life itself feels complete.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Nero’s Song

An ocean of fire
Rampaging flames
Fiddler is dancing
Join these games
Time to be merry
When they scream
Sing the chorus
Toast a falling city
What is life?
An excuse to live
Drink to get drunk
Fight to survive
Charade on a roof
Worry not the fall
Just a nasty spiff
As paint on a doll
Pieces and ashes
All that shall be
Rome is burning
The great city
It shall be built
All over again
Man is a brute
Skilled they say
Live a lifetime
Within a moment
Die if you wish
The soul still lives
Run if you desire
But can you hide?
Lie on the shores
Wade against a tide
Sol simply drowns
In the sea so blue
Douse the inferno?
Pails are too few
Why tarry about
It is all of no use
Come along here
Dance to my tune…
If my memory serves right, I wrote this when I was still a kid, sullen with people kicking bits of my own prose in my face. No rhyme schemes, no reason and nothing in the gist... yet it has a slight charm dancing within.

Behind Walls

What can I make of a heart that is forever true?
For years I've been building walls of ice around it
Can’t you see I’m down on my knees for you?
But those words of a bloody vow are closing in
And I wish but cannot let my soul pass through
Though my heart is calling for another chance
I know that I have always and will need you
Beyond the ledge of reality I’ll keep stumbling
So dress up, get your feet to run towards me
Chance me those words which I wish to hear
Take another life and thrust to set me free
Lift those obscene fears, cleanse me of dreams
Fighting the demon poisoning all my life within
Show me a line that divides sanity from the world
Whisper in my ear comforting me that I will win
I might just show you the life I can live to keep
How many eons you now need to simply realize
With one word of yours I’ll leave all this behind
This life which once threatened to tear us apart
Would never come into our world of tomorrow
Know that no god will come down for us
Neither spirits care nor people would bother
But shouldn’t one do what the person must
Or wait till the consequence starts to matter
And when the walls comes closing down on me
I’ll still be holding on and breathing your name
Stubborn as I am, biting my tongue till it is raw
Where’re you? You ne’er came! So bitter to say
The heartbeats in life for you could not change
And when that day comes I’d struggle for me breath
A glory of fighting the times, the common good
So now one must cease and give birth to another
Nothing has, nothing would prevail the age
Dawn has ebbed, with a dusk writ in smoke
Today sacrifice the life of one for obscurity
And ‘morrow comes the sun of a new world
Just musing over my old journals. Saw this and thought it might be a nice addition to this box I've created for myself. Any theories?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wisdom of Gods

Do not be in a hurry to succeed. What would you have to live for afterwards? Better make the horizon your goal; it will always be ahead of you.

William Makepeace Thackeray (1811-1863)

From a child looking up to a GOD. AMEN!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Word Play: Drunken Lingo

I hereby declare that the following words will be a part of my active vocabulary hence forth!

1.Goo goo g'joob

Taken from the song 'I am the walrus' written by John Lennon and popularized by Bono and the secret machines of late. Used in movie across the universe, lyrics hailed by one and all in the world.

To be used as a noun, pro-noun, adjective and a verb



Hey! I drank as much you if not more... how come I wasn't goo goo g'joobed?

If you think I'm gonna write more about this knowing my grammer, just goo goo g'joob with the first thing you see. I suggest a yellow umbrella, a brick and a leotard.

Thought of the Day

I am not simply a man, but an evolved being reserved in the power of thought and reasoning. I refuse to believe in eternal damnation, the contraries of heaven and hell and every ludicrous galore the cultural and societal text has to say on our day of judgment. I know that the life I am blessed with is simply a test of my salt eying my spirit, my wits and my depth. Nature as I perceive has seen fit to bless me with senses far beyond my mind, lips, nose, ears, eyes and skin; now I vow to make each breath and every ticking moment count.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Serenity, the child of a forlorn sight…

Serenity, beckoning in the realm of closed eyes, blind and shy
As reality turns to tear away her grace, the child of a forlorn sight
Trembling I stumble to stand, looking at a figment of my mind
Amber eyed, curly locks of silk that dances within the light
Is it loneliness, illusions, perhaps the solitude of a doomed man?
Taken to hide behind the wool of sheets, ink and black sticks
Wavering on the cliff wondering on the depth of existence
Yet crystal clear is her voice, telling me not to take the plunge
Whereas I, lost in my stand tipping upon the edge, beckoning
The grime of shadows in all the sins that I have come to forget
I see my blood drip on the stead of sand in the hourglass
Closer and closer I begin to lose my grip, knuckles bone white
Thumbscrews piercing the depths of my heart, senses excruciating
And a moment upon her essence, bearing a fragrance of her breath
There I slip from the courteous audacity of the ticking hand itself
Dusty brown and black of haze to break the strain of the conscious
Or club my wits reckoning to break the glass and so to sleep forever
Condemned to claw the air grasping at the mere ghost of a woman
Praying to eight hands of divinity each clutching my kindred crimes
I stand far from reach, a mirror in between and her on the other side
There is no search of the lands I lost without her hand in mine
And there be no glory in my words if not whispered into her ears
Meager are the days I live cursing the solemn mind not to pass
And I know that the reapers blade edges near upon my throat
Eyes closed but peering at the steps of a nymph-like smiling angel
Toying with a heart forged as the clash of razor edged steel
Broken shards of the sinister arm, a blind man instead of the shield
Losing my sanity as my eyes agonize upon the seven shines of blight
My serenity is within her, and far is the plane upon which she stands
Be it a babbling fool left of me, dreaming of the child of a forlorn sight
Catch the cobwebs of the closing mage

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fading Depth

Watching the sun rise to see it drown
Miles and miles of foreseen, running far
Running away from every familiar sound
When did life catch up to my blistered feet?
When did my dreams botch and fade?
Destined to the land of asleep angels and now
Take me to the paradise where I wouldn’t be
Mesmerized on the flesh of misunderstood love
Rejected in my passions of a smirking solitude
Stains of a million hopes broken in its need
I don’t want the vultures to pick on my carcass
When I collapse on my feet, tired from the run
Searching the innocent, oblivious of the meek
Towards the shores of insanity and cigarette burns
Would you not take me to the darkness of kismet?
For the words I heard was less then what I could hear
And yet in the bleak of penance and silence
I found no wisdom smoking the dust of the sages
Only a day or two, before I lose my mind again and
While I’m out there, there is only one adversary
Compared to the thousand I spend in my wake
Trying to catch the fleeting lights of broken thoughts
Knowing that I wouldn’t be the man you hoped for
Running away from the glory of belonging
To be where I wouldn’t breathe the dirt thrown at me
Cigarette stubs, dregs of tea and disappointments
Of the strangers glaring at me, morose and damning
Till I fade and come to terms to the man I couldn’t be
Chasing the path of surreal depths

Friday, May 1, 2009

Expression: Loom of Summer

This blog is showing all the signs of becoming my obsession. I have always known of my ardent interest in creative writing, but lately the flow of thoughts have been connecting deep within the rhythm of my being. No mysteries there, I can gleefully say that it is too hot to venture out in the sun, too tedious to work or to do anything that requires dexterity and active sensory-motor functions, and not to mention too boring to take up chores. Therefore abstraction is the only viable solution I see and here is another one of "dear diary" moments...
Let us consider the age old cycle on the battle of the sexes whilst we take a dash on the planes of passion. Lately, it seems to be the season of romance and I have noticed a fair share of a few good chumps of mine taking the fall. It is yet another day promising of an Indian summer, the relentless Delhi heat where everyone seems to be ducking into the shelter of a cool shade to hide and spend a moment or two with their muse. Once again, for the abominations:
Dimension : Battle of Sexes
Factor A : Man
Factor B : Woman
Objective : To understand the functions of the wonderful process of romance
Variable : Summer
Hypothesis : Love is in the air?
Therefore, here are a few random thoughts of expression, or quotes if you will dedicated to the young and dauntless:
When we speak of love, we need to understand a few logical aspects of desire and its implications. For a man to fall in love, it takes just sight and the awareness of a single moment, but for a woman it takes the knowledge of the man and the palette of his dreams, aspiration and his perception.
For a woman to know a man would take between a couple of dates to a few good years to pass, but for a man to know a woman, it is easier to say that even a lifetime would fall short.
And on the journey of life, a man makes many mistakes, so does a woman. A relationship can never be perfect. You can say love has done well when both the man and woman can cross over the misdeeds, and harbor each other in the goodness of faith, trust and the fulfillment of commitment.


First of all I would like to mention that lately there is no freedom of thought, expression and individuality. In most cases than naught, the source is a bitch or rather a group/organization of morons running around under the guise of professionalism and the fallacies of the ink and heavy parchment.

Those who know of me, both past and present, and are reading these words know exactly what and who I am speaking of. Nevertheless, it is pitiful to see such caprices of Mother Nature abusing their positions, and proving their lack of subtlety and the faculties of mental processing wasting not only air, matter and space but precious moments in the great parallel of time.

If only a few set of parents had been practical enough to beat some sense into these afore mentioned works of art, instead of condemning them to a life of repressed and anally retentive social deviancy. Would it not be better for such abominations to take a walk off the roof of a building which has at least twenty flights of stairs? You could prove me wrong regarding my opinion by doing so and if you would like, I’d be but happy to point out a few pious works of architecture to do so. But then again, ignorance and idiocy are an indulgence.

I guess it stings when an eloquent tongue comes under poison. And oh, I feel a lot better now, but let us move on to a healthier subject.