Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Who are you?

I was. Till I ceased to be.
I'm nothing more than the memories
that haunt me.
Flesh sunken to the very bone,
Hopeless clinging on to what
remains of this mortal coil, unhinged
Perhaps in longing itself, a world lost a life
I'm no more a star studded, moon lit night
But the pitch black that threatens to consume
those that stray.
I did once.
Content in knowing that indeed you cannot escape
the demons you're forever running from,
But slay them, and if you prey on one too many.
You are only to be one,
For another to feast.


 Apologies. I'll finish it tomorrow. Sleeplessness is taking its toll... 


You took over my mind,
And I couldn't bear it,
Dancing on the edge of sanity,
In drink, I thought I could 
Drown you.

You were in my heart,
But I couldn't tear you out,
A bit of steel tearing flesh,
I thought I could bleed 
You out.

Yet you tore into my soul,
And I couldn't claim it back
Now I wake waiting the dark, 
Hoping a slow halt to take
Me now.