Saturday, April 28, 2012

And there is never enough alcohol... as ever.

Drunken One Liners

They say if you want to watch a film or read a book buts it not there to shelf yet, it is your responsibility to make it!

Thank to you for tuning in to drunken One Liners! My new add on to my page... where one line is enough to encompass you towards enlightenment. :D

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dear Me

Laissez Les Bon Temp Roulez, Monseigneur:

The big one is next,

ON NE PASSE PAS!!! Don't push it, babe!

For the rest of the world and issues,

in all the new words I've found a new love for

and this would be by far my favorite!

Oi! Guv'nor, here it goes :  


I mean it all : the land, the titles, the honorifics and the sword of judgement.

Live it while it lives with you 



Signing off and out,


Yes and he is out. out and out to get you.


Meanwhile, I

will bide my time till I start a fire or pick a fight.

Let me be disrespectful in these few words

for none have served as far as they have expect.

For the love of god,


Schizophrenic tendencies dismissed, you have written your random thoughts and hit the blocks and cracked enough now so.. to vent and... Oh! Its about Time you get back to constructive writing. Hit the final draft and Manipulate your space later! Forgets me not, babe-

Your's truly as present,
Aneerudh Ganguli

Shout Out

Repeat after me... The Guv Would Rather This