Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lore of the last Tiger

The day they came, I stood a cub with bated breath
Knowing them as the moon people dawning with age
They came by night, with fire eyeing the skies and,
Soon after they scorched the land they caved on
They burned the forest and the trees that whispered,
They hounded up the wolves and chained them as dogs,
and they killed our herds of deer we lived upon.

And as the time came, it went;
Soon everything had changed.

The wind many winters surrendered to their smoke,
Known men roamed the land or scrounged in the earth
They toiled their days into nights brows furrowed and
Soon they spread out claiming more and more of ours
They hunted our brethren when we starved and feared
They put up walls and blamed us for all that went wild,
and the cub that watched now ran the last tiger.

And as the time came, it went;
Soon everything had changed.

Monday, March 10, 2014

For love and piety

in one so young to lose faith,
where the children though bold
complain whenever it be difficult
as men lay with their woe and worries
burden forever to their shoulders.
Are to you sift through the silk of life
languid in such darkness for pray
reasons far for any of such innocence
to hold and be dashed to oblivion
far from the light of the lord shining true
upon this little rock with its nature.